Spencer Santillan

General Manager

Bringing almost two decades of expertise in the realm of new home construction, General Manager Spencer Santillan has cultivated a profound understanding of the preferences of homebuyers. With a track record of constructing numerous homes for Tri-Cities families, he possesses firsthand insight into the challenges that homebuyers encounter. This insight motivated him to embark on a mission to craft contemporary, functional homes tailored to the needs of local residents.

From the initial planning stages to the meticulous details and final touches, Spencer has an all-encompassing understanding of the design and delivery process. His passion for home construction traces its roots back to his childhood, where he initially honed his skills in woodworking while working alongside his father. These early experiences laid the foundation for a career that ultimately evolved into his chosen profession.

Presently, Spencer takes pleasure in managing a company that leverages the extensive experience he gained during his tenure with local contractors, leading to the acquisition of his own contractor's license. Whether the project entails a compact 200-square-foot space or an expansive 4,000-square-foot residence, Spencer's unwavering dedication and enthusiasm have become synonymous with Santillan Homes

What Drives Us

The Tri-Cities area boasts numerous new home builders, but we distinguish ourselves by striving to offer fully equipped, ready-to-move-in homes. Our commitment to delivering a seamless and stress-free experience sets us apart, catering to homebuyers who have grown weary of the typical home-buying process. With the Tri-Cities experiencing a recent shortage of newly constructed homes, we aspire to be a valuable resource for individuals pursuing their dream home.

Real Buyer Testimonials

  • Of all the other builders, why did you choose Santillan Homes?

    Really great value for the money. Love that Santillan Homes takes such good care of the homes and we loved that they do the back yard landscaping rather than just the front like most other builders.

  • Of all the other builders, why did you choose Santillan Homes?

    Just luck, but glad for that!

  • Of all the other builders, why did you choose Santillan Homes?

    The quality of home for our price range.